Dear WordPress makers…


After years of making your (still great) blogging software to a tiny, but in some special cases absolutely useful CMS, after foozling and bloating the formerly clean dashboard with every new release, after implementing loads of functionality in the WP core many people do not need, instead of coding it in plugins, you finally noticed that blogging — that funny write-a-new-post-thing — has become a hard job for novice or less experienced users. And so you implemented — after all these years of chaos and intimidation in the user interface and some weird experiments in WP 2.5 — a plain, reduced view of the new post editor without this overwhelming amount of configuration options (but still with a incredibly high server-side resource consumption) for the coming version of WP.

That’s a great idea. As I can see on, you’ve done it rather well. It looks nearly like the thing I always talked about — until I’d to notice that nobody listens to users…

For me, you are a little late. I prefer to use my own wee command line client and my favorite text editor for blogging — this is a kind of convenience simply unobtainable for an application running in a browser.

For the great majority of user it is still a great and… ehm… overdue relief.

And now do something against this unbeliefable bloat! Make it possible again, that a WordPress blog can handle the petty little matter of 2,000 readers a day without caching plugins, make WordPress to a blogging platform suitable for a blog with readers again! Being read is the other part of blogging…

Still a little discontented 😉
Elias / Elijahu / Goebelmasse

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