5 Antworten zu “Cosmic Baby: Loops of Infinity

  1. Cybotron – Industrial Lies

    My conservative reactionary friend,
    the ends done justify the means you understand,
    you take the butter from the table by a gun,
    you think the status quo will be there when you’re done,
    you buy the missile, buy the laser, buy the tank,
    evict the widow, put the money in the bank,
    you do it all in the name of economics: economics, economics, economics.

    Well, it’s just industrial lies,
    hidden behind your eyes.
    Well, it’s just industrial lies
    hidden behind your eyes

    take what you want, leave the rest behind
    take what you want, leave the rest behind

    #Techno #Dritte Welle #Industrialismus #UNSA

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