3 Antworten zu “Karikatur des tages

  1. LoL

    Wasn shice…. Wenn das ReptilienStammhirn funkt, dann kostet das halt schon mal Resourcen im Frontalbereich, die der Vernunft schnell mal abhanden kommen kann.

    Koitus Heidelbergensis

    So viele Götter…. Ja wo laufen sie denn – alle? 😀


  2. :] more Lost Love Spell

    This spell is to „cure“ a broken heart.
    After a break-up, on a full moon, go outside underneath the radiant light.
    Light some black, red, and blue candles and some incense of your choice.
    „As you leave my life,
    I leave behind my pain.
    As you burn to dust,
    So does all my hurt.
    As I leave you in my past,
    I leave with you my sorrow.“
    Let the candles burn down completely.
    Take the remains off your property and bury them.
    Turn around and don’t look back!
    Now follow with a renewal or healing ritual.

    :] EOT

    :] Have a nice day! q:D

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