Orwellness des tages

Spottifein in seiner scheißreklame so: wir wissen alles über dich. Die zielgruppe stört sich wohl nicht daran. Es gibt halt leute, die keine angst mehr davor haben, im faschismus aufzuwachen, sondern sich längst darin eingerichtet haben…

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Eine Antwort zu “Orwellness des tages

  1. The Rise of the Participatory Panopticon

    […]Soon — probably within the next decade, certainly within the next two — we’ll be living in a world where what we see, what we hear, what we experience will be recorded wherever we go. There will be few statements or scenes that will go unnoticed, or unremembered. Our day to day lives will be archived and saved. What’s more, these archives will be available over the net for recollection, analysis, even sharing.

    And we will be doing it to ourselves.

    This won’t simply be a world of a single, governmental Big Brother watching over your shoulder, nor will it be a world of a handful of corporate siblings training their ever-vigilant security cameras and tags on you. Such monitoring may well exist, probably will, in fact, but it will be overwhelmed by the millions of cameras and recorders in the hands of millions of Little Brothers and Little Sisters. We will carry with us the tools of our own transparency, and many, perhaps most, will do so willingly, even happily.

    I call this world the Participatory Panopticon.

    The Panopticon was Jeremy Bentham’s 18th century model for a prison in which all inmates could be watched at all times. The term has in more recent years come to have a broader meaning, that of a world in which all of us are under constant surveillance. The proliferation of video gear in the hands of governments and corporations feeds a not unreasonable fear of the panopticon. The dramatic reduction in size of video cameras and the addition of tools for digital analysis have further enhanced that fear. (Charlie Stross, in his 2002 essay „The Panopticon Singularity,“ expands on this notion, spelling out the various new tools for relentless observation.)

    But in the world of the participatory panopticon, this constant surveillance is done by the citizens themselves, and is done by choice. It’s not imposed on us by a malevolent bureaucracy or faceless corporations. The participatory panopticon will be the emergent result of myriad independent rational decisions, a bottom-up version of the constantly watched society.

    This day is coming not because of some distant breakthrough or revolution. The breakthroughs are already happening. The revolution has already taken place.[…]

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