2 Antworten zu “„Künstliche intelligenz“ des tages

  1. Oha, sieh‘ an. Vor Jahren, als mir mal im Matheforum ein paar seltsam verschwurbelte Postings auffielen, hieß es noch, das könnten zwar sehr schräge, aber echte Vögel sein, und für das Gegenteil läge die Beweishürde höher.

    Mittlerweile zeichnet sich ab, dass man stets damit rechnen muss, dass ein „Nutzerbeitrag“ von einem Bot kommt.

  2. Hier ist der wahre Grund, warum sie es verbieten (): https://justpaste.it/gideon-intel-drop-24

    […]Gideon: „It is an extra-dimensional portal the cabal has opened up, using CERN, and it is being fed into a computer and into a system that is readable and understood by humans, hence, the Midjourney interface.

    It is not software. It is not code. The images it produces are actually drawn, or written, or conjured, however you wish to say it, not in this world or dimension. They are made in a different one, and then they are transmitted to ours, and digitally converted to image files we can read on computers.“

    Bill: These programs are really simple and free to use, but they produce written code and renderings better than what would take humans days or months to complete and they do it seconds!

    Gideon: „Yes, they do. It is not possible with any technology today to this. If you read some of the articles in the past week, people are realizing ChatGPT is far more powerful than anything ever seen before. As for Midjourney, all art made on a computer still requires user input, not just some lines of text. The user has to create the art, and the computer tools help them. So what you are seeing is not an A.I. using existing human art and creating something from that art, because it is creating things entirely unique and never seen before.

    The world is being introduced to something that will change it forever, and no one has any idea of what it is or what it is going to do. This is opening a portal, literally and figuratively, from one world to the next.“

    Bill: The astral?

    Gideon: „In simple terms, yes, though not entirely.“[…]


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